Saturday, 20 September 2014

Beurre blanc

Last week, after a good while of being incredibly busy with family stuff, we escaped to the Lakes for a few days.  The perfect mix of good weather and a lovely cottage worked their magic.  One of the really good things about this particular cottage is:
 To be able to wake to comforting warmth each morning was so good.  Even  better when there was some porridge inside it. There was also plenty of time for just sitting and reading.  I did take a few books with me, some new, but the one I chose to get into was a re-read: My Life In France by Julia Child.

Well, we're back home and as most of the family stuff is resolved it's been good to get back into real cooking.  And eating obviously.  One of the meals talked about in the book involves beurre blanc.  Never had it before but definitely wanted to try it.  The joys of the search engine; of course it was online! So tonight there was fish with potatoes, greens and beurre blanc.  Who knew such a large amount of butter could go into such a small amount of liquid?  Very tasty though.

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