Monday, 29 September 2014

Remember the strategies

Not always easy, but pretty nifty if you can.  Sometimes tiredness can simply wash over you and before you know it you're sat slumped in front of the tv.  Not a good look.  And although I say 'you', obviously that's 'me'.  So, these strategies.  Get outside; eat something nutritious; DO something!  Preferably all at the same time.

Which is how come I've wandered round the garden - and found colour!
One of the (many) joys of Pinterest are the illustrations I've found, and this one is especially pertinent today I feel:
In fact, I should probably go through my boards and see what else is on there; now that is definitely something to enjoy doing!

P x


  1. Ha, I would need to pay need to that too!

    1. Well I got well and truly caught up in that! Though it was lovely to remind myself of all the lovely pins on those boards! xx