Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Sometimes life is,well....you know

Or maybe you don't and it's just me.  Days when you feel bleurgh for no good reason and then start to doubt everything you do.  Those days are not the best.  That and the ability of some people to make you feel so very guilty does not make for happy clappy days let me tell you.
On those days there's really only one answer - for someone as shallow as me I mean obviously - and that's to look for the pinkness in Pinterest.  Selina Lake does not disappoint. And one beautiful image leads to another:
All of which goes to remind me that there is beauty in the world, but some days you've just got to look it out for yourself.
P x


  1. Not just you, I think we all have days like that sometimes. We just have to lift up our heads to see the beauty xx