Friday, 14 November 2014

Dark days

These dark days are not so dreary; just so long as you've got some
gorgeous colour to play with inside.
There was some gorgeous fabrics in John Lewis the last time I was there, and although
I could quite happily have spent a small fortune I restricted myself to choosing two.
The other restriction was amounts; no buying whole metres as sometimes that feels harder to cut into.
So, with 40cm of one and 20cm of the other I produced this:

During one of the workshops I was explaining to someone that lots of
items can be made using nothing but straight sewing - which she'd just learnt to do on the sewing basics.
As she had booked onto a cushion workshop, I took the skirt in to show her and
explained the very easy way to make it.
There is such pleasure in making an item from start to
finish using a pattern, but there is sheer joy in making something without one!
P xx


  1. Such a pretty little skirt, the fabric is beautiful! Not keen on the dark days though!
    V x

  2. I much prefer the bright, crisp days than these damp and dark ones! xx