Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Loving where I live

It's so very easy to just not see the place where you actually live. Not so much the interior, but outside those windows.  It came to me as I was sitting at a main crossroads (well, I say main, but in reality it's pretty minor) waiting in a queue of traffic.  That traffic consisted of buses, cars, work vans, a tractor and a couple of cyclists.  There were no horns blaring; everyone sitting in the sunshine waiting patiently.  The hold up?  A young girl on a horse.  Everyone (pretty much) around here waits for horses.  She raised her hand in recognition to all around her and off she trotted past me down to the farm at the end of the lane. 
Then I took a look out of my sewing room window this morning:

That sky! Just love it.
I probably need to be a little more open here; there's stuff going on with my older sister just now which is quite hard to stomach.  Hospitals, hospice respite care, assessments.  Am sure you get the picture.  It happens. We're not alone in all this going on. Every family has something sometime.
But it does make me stop and look at times and in a way that's one of the positives.
This is going to be a very busy month with workshops at FGT - lots of Christmassy ones as well as the usual sewing machine and cushion ones, and that has involved an awful lot of preparation.  Three hundred Christmas fabric bunting flags cut out already.  As a little balance to all that I made this:

Using up scraps - always good fun!
Time to get out into that sunshine for a while now,
P xx


  1. A lovely post as ever, you have a calming effect x

  2. Sorry to hear about your sister Pam, I wish her well.
    It is good to stop and just be sometimes, I don't think any of us do that enough.
    Cute pin cushion. :)
    V x

    1. I definitely don't do it enough and it's a shame it takes something like this to make me do so. Thank you so much for your good wishes xx