Saturday, 29 November 2014

Shop small....

Having seen this around, and being involved with a small (but very beautiful)
business, I wanted to make sure I spent any pennies wisely today:
It's pretty easy to do this where I live and I realise that it can be difficult if
you don't have ready access to the likes of FGT but I do so I did!

Doing so many workshops has seen my crafty supplies stock dwindle over the past few months
and some things are just a joy in themselves.  Twine and wooden spools of ribbon; what's not to love!
There has been so much going on lately that the actual making seems to have got lost along the way but I'm hoping to put that right over the next few weeks as I have cushions to make - for myself - and I have found the most gorgeous outfit for one of the granddaughters:

Which is from this wonderful site http://www.clevercharlotte.com/
Time to plan some fun....
P xx


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