Sunday, 9 November 2014


Having a mother and aunt who were both seamstresses, it was pretty
much a given that one of us four girls
would like sewing too.  My very first machine, when I was four, was a Vulcan
and I loved it so much.
Children, work, studies, life in general, all happen around us,
but it's always a joy to get sewing again.
Of all the workshops I do at FGT, my favourite is the Sewing Basics.
Some ladies come in and they are visibly trembling with fear.  That bit I love less.
But everyone of them, so far!, has left with a smile and a decent understanding
of how a sewing machine works and are usually fired up and ready to make lots as soon as they get home.  Some of them book onto another workshop straight away to keep the momentum.
I've tried a few different projects for them to complete at the end of the three hours, but I think this may be the one to run with for a good while.
It's just a coaster but helps them to see that the skills they've just acquired can actually make something very quickly. The top stitching, accuracy of the seam widths, trimming the seams, cutting the corners, pressing - all together in one small item.  But most of all I love the little 'handmade with love' hearts that they add into the seam.  The stag's head is just for show - they usually choose to add their initial - just in case anyone thinks they can borrow it.
P x

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  1. I remember having a little sewing machine too, I don't recall the name but it was blue, wish I still had it.
    I think the coaster is a great idea, it's always good to have a finished item, its encouraging.
    V x