Saturday, 13 December 2014

Reading...and reviewing

Being asked to review a new book is
always good fun - the chance to look at a book you
may not otherwise have come across.
Exactly what has happened with this book:

I'm looking forward to reading - dare I say in spite of the cover?
P x

Thursday, 11 December 2014


Not having heard that word for a good while, it was
extra special when an old man used it to check
I was ok yesterday!  Such a cheery (and cheering) little word,
it instantly reminded me of pitmen, allotments and coal fires.
And because today was a surprise day off, with nothing else planned,
it meant there was time to browse a new local craft shop - with fabric! -and
to call at the library and have lunch at home.
The outcome of today's free time?  Something I've been
planning for the New Year, using a new
colour palette and fabric which was already in stock at the craft shop:

One cushion, two fabrics.  A certain pesky little dog had chewed the zip
of one of the cushions and I also wanted to add more colour to this room so
here we are.  The hardest part of the buttons was folding in the fabric but a little fabric
glue on the edges certainly helped.
I am beyond pleased with them - there are two! - the shape, the button, the colours.
Time for some more planning I think.
P x