Friday, 2 January 2015

Making the time

It really isn't enough to know that it takes time, time has to be found and used.
Who knows when the time won't be there?
So, here is what I made time for this morning:

Nothing momentous, or worth shouting about, but it was fun to make
and came about quite organically - picking up
a piece of fabric, deciding to use some
embroidery threads and looking out of the window.
The sky this morning reminded me so much of this fabric and the
rest just came along for the ride.
No real resolutions, but I'd like to try to do
something for each month.  Let's see.
P xx


  1. It's good to do things sometimes just because it's fun. Love the colours. x

    1. When I looked out of the window this morning - they're the colours I saw - alongside a red spotty jug! xxx