Wednesday, 21 January 2015

New studio

Unfortunately not mine!  But I still get to use it so that's ok.  The French Grey Tales workshops are usually held upstairs, above the shop, but Layla (whose shop it is) has naturally
concentrated on the downstairs section first - paint is the core of her business
and drives it - but now she is putting
all her considerable efforts into the studio area upstairs.
We're talking about walls coming down, new electrics, decorators
and so much more.
To say it's a little exciting is a whopper of an understatement.
All those windows making such a light-filled working space.

All the walls will have electric points and beautifully smooth paintwork.

The mini kitchen area is about to have its own little makeover too.

And this is what I've been busy with in my own sewing room, using a
mingo and grace pattern.  It was a download and yes, it did have to be stuck together, but at least it was layered so it was possible to print just the size required.
This one is fully lined and I'm not quite sure where it's destined for right now,
but sometimes it's better to do what you love without any real outcome in mind.
All of the fabric was sitting in the stash, so no outlay there, but
I do need to replenish my supply of zips.  One day you look and there hundreds,
then there are.......none!
But watching the FGT studio take shape (with its huge cutting table!)
has made me realise that the storage in my own workroom
could be better.  Much better. And soon.


  1. The studio looks fabulous so light! the little dress is gorgeous

    1. I'm holding my first workshop in the new studio tomorrow - will definitely get more pictures! And the little dress has been a joy to make - just need to finish off the hem xx