Sunday, 25 January 2015

That Coco dress

You know the one - it's pretty much everywhere you
look on Pinterest and on almost every sewing blog out there.
So although it has been swirling around, it hasn't become part
of the 'must make soon' list here.
Until yesterday, when I did a 1-2-1 workshop
with a lovely woman who was making this as her first proper
step into dressmaking.  We first met when she
came for the Sewing Machine Basics workshop and she has
so much enthusiasm it rubs off on everyone
around her.  Including me.
It feels as though my makes lately have either been homewares - cushions,
quilts, bunting etc - or dresses for small people.  But I really want to make this
for me now, with the added bonus of looking for some fabric thrown in.
After coming home last night I also realised that it was time for a cover for
the tablet as I'm increasingly taking it outside with me:
This fabric has all the colours I love right now, only the green missing.  So that went on the inside
in a lovely flannel fabric which has been sitting in the basket for way too long.
As the old camera purse had been taken by one of the small people for her new phone,
it was also time to make a new one of those too:

And yes, they are definitely not in the dressmaking category,
but very much in the 'let's make while we can' category!
Although it's still January, I'm sensing a real change in the light levels and that is always
 A Good Thing in this neck of the woods!
P xx

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