Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Getting through

Sometimes you just get up, make the bed and start the day.
Do that enough times and it seems you stop thinking so much about doing it or not!  The little things in life are beginning to bring joy again, and they soon add up
to a rather large dose of feeling good.
Sewing has been a great help of course, but so has the
bright weather - it may be extremely cold, but
the sun has shone.  Which may, or may not, be more of an indicator
of my mood rather than actually!
But more than that, looking out of the window into the garden
is bringing its own joy - shoots of green, and looking forward to the Spring jobs list.

And just a few colourful flowers.
Finding fabrics in the right colours can be its own
piece of work, but at last
I have found a patterned jersey for the next Coco top

It's from a shop I've not used before, but will very probably do so again.
Having rung to ask about its suitability for the pattern yesterday lunchtime,
they very quickly took the order and it was here for me this morning.
Paying postage is absolutely fine when it makes delivery this quick!
The blog is pretty good too - see here - and I'm definitely
going to take a look at Laren's book too.
Maybe Spring isn't too far away after all.
P xx


  1. Your lovely pictures remind me that Spring is just around the corner, even though it has been freezing here today the sun has been out and I also have some little snowdrops coming through. What a hardy little flower.x

    1. A friend calls this Pre-Spring - sounds so much better and more hopeful than Late Winter! xxx