Monday, 30 March 2015

Late bloomers

This amaryllis was bought on a whim, when heavily reduced.
Really, I bought it because it came with a beautiful bowl - that
lovely shade of milky green - so wasn't too
bothered if it flowered or not.
There was a tiny strip of green showing at the top of the bulb for so long;
not moving, yet not withering and dying.
Then one day, it just seemed to sprout away, producing three
large stems.  You could fair sit and watch it grow.
And now - beautiful white blooms, so
crazily big and blousy they seem unreal.
Maybe they haven't bloomed at the right time - but who cares?
One of the stems grew so full of flower heads, it began to topple so
I cut it and added it to a jam jar of hazel twigs and daffodils.
What's not to love?
P x

Tuesday, 10 March 2015

A saucerful of Spring

The weekend was not the balmy start to Spring I was expecting.  But today, oh yes! The house is in uproar - plumbers, decorators, carpet fitters, furniture deliveries - and I can cope with it all just so long as I can get outside and breathe clean air free of dust.
The sewing room is also on that list and just waiting for the new (to me) sewing table to be painted and placed.  Already I'm loving the way it feels - so fresh and bright with space to move.  Though as it's a smaller table than the previous one, I'm hoping it won't feel too mean.
Before I started wallpapering I did manage to get this done:

The fabric is from here and it may have been the first time I've used this shop, but I don't think it will be the last!  Speedy delivery and lovely to talk to - immediately understanding the phrase Coco top!

There's a skirt pattern that is constantly popping into my head; I don't wear skirts anymore, but this really appeals.......what's to lose?  I think I'm just going to go for it.

P xx