Monday, 30 March 2015

Late bloomers

This amaryllis was bought on a whim, when heavily reduced.
Really, I bought it because it came with a beautiful bowl - that
lovely shade of milky green - so wasn't too
bothered if it flowered or not.
There was a tiny strip of green showing at the top of the bulb for so long;
not moving, yet not withering and dying.
Then one day, it just seemed to sprout away, producing three
large stems.  You could fair sit and watch it grow.
And now - beautiful white blooms, so
crazily big and blousy they seem unreal.
Maybe they haven't bloomed at the right time - but who cares?
One of the stems grew so full of flower heads, it began to topple so
I cut it and added it to a jam jar of hazel twigs and daffodils.
What's not to love?
P x


  1. Replies
    1. They seem to be too big for their stems so had to cut them all. But that's ok. Still beautiful xx