Saturday, 27 February 2016

connect with nature

Most of us have an affinity with something out there; most of us have a connection to lots of different things, using the one we need at a given point.  If  there could only be one, I'd have to choose nature - the sea, sky, earth. Sometimes, especially when my head feels as though it's about to explode, sea air can put it right. Even if it's only respite, that's ok, as often that's all that's needed to get back on track to make it OK. Lately there's been more need of that sea air and I'm so thankful for living where we do.  Not only are the beaches stunning, they're often isolated, but usually with a decent coffee shop somewhere close by.
Cullercoats Bay
Cullercoats Bay by Ray Campbell

Above is a painting of the bay I walked along yesterday - I did take a photo, but only on my phone and that's already on instagram!

As ever, there is not much in the way of original thought, and as I was thinking about all of this over the past few days, I came across this from Flow magazine 

Of course, this made me want to see lots more, so having trawled through their lovely illustrations and quotes, here are a few of my favourites:



It's so strange; this post is nothing at all like the one I had in my head when I came to write.  And I love that it changed; it reminds me that writing the words is an act of itself, and not simply a rehash of previous thoughts! My head is still unsettled, and that's ok too. I'm liking the work in progress.

P x


  1. I think we're all a work in progress Pam!
    Glad you enjoyed your day though. I'll have to find you on IG!

    1. Oh please do Vivienne! I'm ittakestimetocreate x
      And I think you're right about the whip! Xx

  2. I always find a good walk clears my head. that's a lovely beach to walk on x

    1. The sea air and walking - perfect combination!