Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Help is out there....

....if you look for it. And it often comes from unexpected sources.  Reading - and writing - has always been a constant, and I know there are others out there who feel the same.  Although I often hear people saying they no longer read blogs - they haven't the time, inclination, whatever - I find it difficult to make such distinctions. Something good to read is just that, no matter the format. 
Returning to this blog is helping on so many levels - photography, observation and just plain thinking about stuff! - but the one I'm enjoying the most to begin with is reading other blogs. It's a little like discovering old friends hidden away in a park; they (mostly) haven't gone anywhere, I just haven't been walking around the park for such a long time!

One of my all time favourite blogs has always been Annie's; full to the brim with good writing and amazing images.  What I find so strange is the length of time I've been not reading this blog; the amount of help that is just there, ready to go whenever needed.  But life is not a straight forward plot.  Hey ho, at least now it feels as though life is being regained.  My life. My reading.

Another help has been this magazine and along with just being a pleasure in itself, has a daily thought calendar. Just reading each one is a joy!

For now it's back to meetings about aged parents, but with the promise (to myself) that this is the end of it all for at least a week or two; luckily there are sisters who can take their turn.

P x

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