Monday, 15 February 2016

Out visiting

Having sorted, tidied, thrown out and prettified, it seemed time to start actually making something again. Now obviously there is a certain amount of fabric already in the sewing room, but nothing for a specific purpose - bought with a particular item in mind.  It would have been so very easy to look online at all the gorgeous fabrics and patterns, but sometimes you just need the tactile experience too! 
Luckily there are a couple of local fabric shops but I decided on this one.  Beverley has a good eye for colour and detail and also stocks some amazing patterns.

 In the image above are the fabrics and pattern I chose, along with some sewing magazines lent by Beverley for inspiration. Always a good sign.

Dotted around the shop are lovely little touches like this rabbit - which I'm pretty sure is one of Alicia Paulson's designs

The fabrics above are both cotton, but so soft and drapey; the feather pattern seemed perfect for a 
I've seen this pattern made up quite a few times on different blogs, and all worked out pretty well so fingers crossed.......

And if that wasn't enough to be getting on with, there's the prospect of gorgeous scissors that may be on sale the next time I visit:

I hadn't intended to make this post solely about the shop! Perhaps it's just a sign of renewed enthusiasm, and being carried away with it all. What I have found in these past few weeks, is how much easier it all is to keep things tidy and in their right place, when you're using all of it on a regular basis, which is not to say things are not getting messy! But a quick tidy up after or before any doing/making is working out just fine.

P x


  1. Lovely fabric Pam, great that you're getting your sewing mojo back.......maybe they should be sewjo! ;)

    1. Now to find that gardening mojo......xx