Thursday, 4 February 2016

The small joys......

.....are so often bigger than you give credit for.  A special mug, good coffee, a handmade star. 

Once some fabric is added into the day well, pretty much perfect.  

Which is definitely not to say it actually is all perfect, it's just that these small things are very much helping to make the day go well. The fabrics are slowly coming together to make a quilt and the colours are pretty much my favourites right now - especially that blue stripe with the red diamond in a square.  I couldn't call myself a quilter; I realise there is a true art associated with that word.  Mine are working projects; quilts to be used - often by small children with sticky fingers, or dogs who like to roll them around back gardens just so they get the requisite vintage look - immediately! So it doesn't disturb me too much if the seams are a little wonky or the squares don't match up perfectly.

The sun is shining, washing is on the line, and I have sewing to do.  Let's go.

P xx


  1. I love the little things in life Pam!

    1. Me too! Am enjoying sitting with two of my granddaughters with a coffee and lots of chit chat. Good times xx