Friday, 25 March 2016

Books, ideas, gardening

The beauty of books - lots of ideas in one place, and there each time you pick up the book.  In truth, some ideas disappear and others seem to pop out in front of you when you'd not seen them the last time you picked up that book!
Just now, there seem to be lots of books in my field of vision; some great, some not so much. But I'm loving them all. It's a wee bit exciting when there's a small germ of an idea just sitting there at the back of your mind.  Waiting and watching to see if it develops into something viable.  
Along with the books there is an awful lot of bread baking going on, yet it doesn't seem to be a bit of bother these days.  A few months ago one of the things I read about was centred on the thought - what's the least I want to do? - and for me, right then, it was being able to bake and eat homemade bread.
At first there seems to be so much planning, organising, and if I'm honest, lots of late night baking! Now, there's a rhythm to it all; having started a new loaf it's time to mix a new one.  Mix it and let it prove while doing other stuff, come back to it when making the dinner and bake it while eating dinner. Let it stand to cool early evening, then wrap and it's ready for the next day.
I know as well as anyone that just because it's working right here, right now, does not mean that it will carry on.  Life is like that though, and that's ok.
As for the garden, well, isn't that a joy these days?! A few seeds are growing on the windowsill - not nearly as many as in a few years ago, but enough to make it worthwhile and hopefully produce enough cornflowers and cosmos to fill all the gaps around the garden. And both those flowers are long lasting and and around until the first frosts. 
Image result for cosmos flower

All of which means that life is pretty darned good right now, so maybe it's time to tackle that box of personal stuff sitting in my car boot.  It has been there for about three weeks now.  All of it belonging to my sister.  I know there's a photo of the both of us together as bridesmaids when we were about nine, somewhere in the box, and if I could just put my hand into the depths without actually looking at anything else, well of course I would.  But it's not possible, so sorting through it all is the only way to go. Hey ho, that's ok.  I can do this.

P x


  1. Of course you can Pam, it certainly sounds like you're in control !

    1. In control is probably pushing it! But definitely feeling better about it all. Have a lovely Easter xx