Wednesday, 30 March 2016

New season, new garland

The weather may not be all it's supposed to be for Spring, but it does feel different out there now.  There's a warmth to the sun at last.  Now if the wind, storms, hail and ice would just say a final goodbye.....
But Spring it is, and all seasons should be celebrated. It was a difficult choice of medium; the sewing is not happening just now, knitting and crochet not hitting the spot for some reason.  No, it would have to be a simple paper and scissors job. And what could be more fun than that!
Looking through the workroom I decided to just see what was there, and what was shouting 'Pick Me!; three things shouted loudest:
Papers from the wonderful Cambridge Imprint; ideas from the practically perfect book of  Ings Things and stickers from the Book For Paper Lovers from Flow Magazine.  The result looks like this:

So now there is a Spring garland above the desk, and I have to say, it's making me feel just a tad happy! The hardest part of the whole project was the turquoise wool cord - I could have done with the help of a couple of pairs of small hands!  Why envelopes? Letters full of hope, kind thoughts and beautiful memories.  What's not to love?

P xx


  1. If it's making you happy Pam then it's a very good thing, it's also a very pretty thing!!
    I agree, when that sun gets out, there is definitely heat in it.
    V x

    1. Along with the cutting out and cord making, I did manage to get into the sunny garden as well this afternoon and it was a joy Vivienne! The buddleia are well and truly ready to grow for Summer now. Hope you've managed some sun too xx