Saturday, 9 July 2016

Collars and cuffs

Not the sewn ones, but painted. Little steps forward.
And I think I've found the perfect combination of fabrics for the skirt etc.
Happy days.

The rest of the day has involved cauliflower.  Lots of it.  Soooo much of it in fact. Cauliflower is tasty, especially when fresh from the allotment, but for some reason I don't like the taste of it from frozen.  So what to do with it all?

First off a creamy cauliflower soup.  Probably more creamy than any soup should be, but it's delicious and can freeze!
Secondly a cauli and broccoli bake with cheese sauce, grated cheese and nutty breadcrumbs on top.
Not too bad at all, and again, easy to freeze and doesn't have the funny taste.
But enough with the cauliflower for a couple of weeks thank you.

P xx


  1. creamy cauliflower soup does sound good!!

  2. Oh it was delicious V! So good I'm about to make some again today. Growing your own is great, but it does mean repeating recipes xx