Thursday, 7 July 2016

The key

To the untrained eye it may just be the key to an ordinary, old cherry wood wardrobe.  But only to the untrained eye.  Those of us who know better (though in my case only because I've been told!) it is obviously a very important key which must be hidden from those who would steal the treasure inside the old wardrobe.

Which is a long-winded way of saying this key is regularly lost - but only to me.  And the only way to retrieve it is to plead with the keeper of the key to part with the knowledge of its whereabouts.  I did start to look for it, but hey, it could take a lifetime.  Luckily said keeper of the key was still awake in her own house so I just rang and asked.  

More work is happening in the sewing room; but before making the skirt I started on the painting - first the blouse, which will have a collar and buttons and cuffs added.  Next up will be the stockings and shoes.  Taking it all very slowly, but that's ok.  There's enough rush and hurry in my life without adding to it. 

I did manage to hold firm and only buy a couple of fabrics today:

Not shouty shouty designs, but oh so useful! Beautiful grey and blue and a quality feel to them both.  Cheap is ok; good value is so much better!

P xx


  1. I love good value!!
    Beautiful fabrics and I look forward to seeing your new little friend in her new attire.

    1. The fabric is ready, but so is a very inquisitive dachshund who is here for the weekend. Best wait until he's away back home I think V xx