Saturday, 30 July 2016

Travel and Amsterdam

A short break away somewhere completely different.  In so many senses. Amsterdam was everything all at once - difficult, easy, beautiful and not quite so beautiful.  But the whole?  Amazing! Once I realised we were on the equivalent of Oxford Street when really I wanted Marylebone High street, it was fine.

If some of the image angles seem slightly skewed,  most were taken by the photographer's assistant who is nine.

But she was as enthralled by the doors, windows and tiles as I was!

Left with so many happy memories.
Blog hopping before I went I came across a couple of people talking about their domestic lives (I'll find them and add the links!) and I realise that's the core of my life too.  I also realised that suits me fine, but it always does you good to leave it for a little while.
Makes coming home so delicious!

P xx


  1. Lovely photos, sounds like a lovely break away. x

    1. It was Aline, and it was a joy to watch her using the camera - no fear! xx

  2. Glad you had a lovely break Pam, your little photo assistant did a great job.
    V x

    1. She did and I think she's got the bug. We're going to get her some rolls of film for an old leica. See how she goes xx