Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Morning Walk

Whenever we have the crazy dachshund to stay I always take him for a beach walk.  Luckily there are a fair few to choose from around these parts, but often the one I do choose is not, well, the obvious one. The town itself is nothing special, not on the scale of Bamburgh etc, but the beach itself is perfect for dog walking.

And this morning it was extra special as it was completely empty.  Not another soul did we pass.

Not counting these ones obviously.

And I loved it!

P xx

Thursday, 25 August 2016

The right words at the right time

But not from me.  I am that person who can say the wrong thing and not realise it for years after. Hey ho.  I do try to keep a rein on my tongue, but sometimes.....
Anyhow, the right words of the title are others' , not mine. One of the blogs I read had a piece about magazines - and just why is it so very hard to find magazines that I'm really attracted to these days? - and she mentioned Flow.  Regulars will know that this is one I do actually buy - even to the point of buying the Dutch version in Amsterdam - and keep for re-reading. Apart from the articles and inspiration, there's often some sort of paper love freebie. Like a daily card calendar with quotes etc on each card.  These two are very recent ones and I think they hit the spot just now.

The right words at the right time.

P xx

Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Today is not a good day. So far.

The sun is shining, there are no horrible jobs to do and I have the house to myself this morning.  I know, I know. Sometimes it just washes over you, but at least I also know the little tricks to turn the day around.  First off, Go Outside.  Now! Now there are nice little places to sit, both in shade and in the sun; there is a pretty tablecloth on the big table and instantly I feel better. It's probably the fresh air that does it for me. Once out there I see things I'd like to record, because as we all know, it's the detail that often counts for more than the whole.  The camera came out with me and tried a trick I'd seen elsewhere, using a sheet of white paper behind the flower. 

The blooms definitely show up more.

It's a really good tip when you want to be able to sketch something later - creates a great outline.

But I do like seeing the context too.

Along with the sun shining through.

So now the day isn't actually that bad, and I feel as though I want to get on with stuff.
Let's go!

P xx

Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Moving along

The crochet day at the weekend was a great success - good homemade food, relaxing and very comfortable room, lovely host and the chance to meet up with two wonderful friends. It was a little emotional at times, but in a very good way.  It's so very easy to get caught up in the everyday detritus that is life and to forget about the joy of doing something different, just for YOU!

Anyhow, to celebrate such a day, I decided on a new blanket for the new boy.  I realise he'll have more blankets than is right and proper for a baby to have, but living where they do I 'm thinking having lots is the way forward.  Think mud.  Lots of it along with lots of small footprints.  Everywhere.

Above is my immediate view while sitting on a cosy sofa - flowers and crochet garlands .

But this was to the side of me, and as much as I tried not to look at it, well, I failed.  So the white blanket became a duck egg blue one.  Not too much of a problem I have to say.

And this; not made especially for the day, but it was hanging on my door handle just patiently waiting for the right occasion. 

After the Sunday bliss came the chaos of Monday.  Needless to say it means a lot more work and organisation for me, but I'm hoping it will all end well.  Aged parent moving into sheltered accommodation. In less than two weeks.
That's ok. In a previous life (it seems) I was part of a team opening new stores.  This will be a doddle. My sisters may lose the will to live by the end of it all, seeing as they've both had numerous messages already.  But we're good.  We can do this and survive.

But thank goodness for crochet, knitting, yarn shops, Pinterest and Ravelry.

P xx

ps And a knitting group tomorrow morning - yay!!

Saturday, 20 August 2016

Practice run

I really didn't want to put it into the title, but I'm talking about seasons here.  You remember how there's always a day in March when you just know that Spring is properly on its way?  Well today was the practice run for Autumn. Almost cold and wet enough to light the woodburner - but not quite thank goodness! - but definitely dark enough to want to make the house feel just a tad cosier.

So, bread made along with spicy teacakes ready to toast, and a casserole slow cooking in the oven.  After looking for slippers, and failing, socks are on. As for the rest of the day? Planning a Christmas trip to Copenhagen meant a turn to hygge. For goodness sake, the Christmas list has even been started!  But I'm not quite ready to give up on Summer; this is merely a little taste of what is to come.
After a wonderful Indian Summer of course.

Now I'm off to look for crochet patterns as tomorrow is a Crochet day (yes - day!) and I need to decide what my project will be.  Later in the week is a knitting get together with a friend. Reading through this it all sounds very domestic, but hey, that's pretty much my life and no worse because of it.

P xx

Thursday, 18 August 2016


It really does feel like summer now - and not just the weather. It's the travelling from place to place, random days where it could be the beach in the morning, pottering about the garden in the afternoon, packing for another little trip in the evening. I love it all! And best of all? A new grandson to visit. Truly happy days.

Walking in the Lakes last week.

The road to our cottage for the week

Even walls make it special.

Twenty step away from the cottage.

Real Prairie Planting.

It was a lovely break; lots of time to think, read, walk, eat good food and chat.
And also time to look for a knitting group.  Is that an age thing?  Not sure but I don't care anyway. There's one not too far from me but it is full.  To the rafters.  So, looking further afield I found this and will take a trip there next Wednesday for a morning of knitting and coffee and cake. 

P x

Monday, 8 August 2016


Really, it's up there with stationery.  Especially packaging that sets you away wanting to make something.

From looking at this

and this

to making these. But what I love about the paper bag - apart from being paper and gorgeous - is that while it hangs on the door it reminds me to do something. Nothing in particular, just something.  
Today was paper boats and changing the font on the text on the blog header etc.  Tomorrow? I want some beautiful Cambridge Imprint papers to work with.

P x

Saturday, 6 August 2016

Golden oats

Early morning today. 
Every day may not be good,
But there's good in every day.

P x

Tuesday, 2 August 2016


While in Amsterdam I treated myself to a couple of things; not hugely expensive stuff, more things I liked the look of and wanted to bring home.  So not diamonds then.  The only things is, I'm so reluctant to actually open them! Obviously it's the packaging that is the problem.

This one has the most perfect sticker holding it together; made to look like a wax seal as it was from a shop which specialised in such things. The contents are much more prosaic than a wax seal etc, but still special. I'll open it soon.  Maybe.

These aren't even part of Amsterdam - freely available right here, but they were also bought in a beautiful shop with so many things I wanted to bring home but couldn't.  The only downside of having only carry on bags.

But what is truly on my mind just now is Spring flowers.  Yep.  That's how it is with gardening; having steeled myself to pretty much give up on the garden looking great this year - though actually, now that I'm starting to work on it again it's not looking too shabby - thoughts automatically turn to Spring bulbs, wallflowers and narcissi.  So much so that the orders are already in, the pots emptied and washed down and planting schemes drawn up.

There could be a small amount of displacement activity going on here.  Sometimes life throws stuff at you whether you're ready for it or not. That's fine.  Life is good anyway it comes.

P xx