Monday, 8 August 2016


Really, it's up there with stationery.  Especially packaging that sets you away wanting to make something.

From looking at this

and this

to making these. But what I love about the paper bag - apart from being paper and gorgeous - is that while it hangs on the door it reminds me to do something. Nothing in particular, just something.  
Today was paper boats and changing the font on the text on the blog header etc.  Tomorrow? I want some beautiful Cambridge Imprint papers to work with.

P x


  1. thats all we need...just a little inspiration to set us on our way!

  2. And have you noticed once you're doing one thing, your mind takes you lots of places for inspiration! Xx

  3. Oh my! To be able to change the font on the text of your blog header. What a delightful ability.

    I know. It's not a regular header. You are able to "make your own." And this in itself, is wonderful too.

    Love the little (mostly) pink boats...

    1. Oh the joys of picmonkey Luna!! The boats are practice for a paper boat garland for a new baby boy. When he decides to show up that is. Hope you're well x