Saturday, 20 August 2016

Practice run

I really didn't want to put it into the title, but I'm talking about seasons here.  You remember how there's always a day in March when you just know that Spring is properly on its way?  Well today was the practice run for Autumn. Almost cold and wet enough to light the woodburner - but not quite thank goodness! - but definitely dark enough to want to make the house feel just a tad cosier.

So, bread made along with spicy teacakes ready to toast, and a casserole slow cooking in the oven.  After looking for slippers, and failing, socks are on. As for the rest of the day? Planning a Christmas trip to Copenhagen meant a turn to hygge. For goodness sake, the Christmas list has even been started!  But I'm not quite ready to give up on Summer; this is merely a little taste of what is to come.
After a wonderful Indian Summer of course.

Now I'm off to look for crochet patterns as tomorrow is a Crochet day (yes - day!) and I need to decide what my project will be.  Later in the week is a knitting get together with a friend. Reading through this it all sounds very domestic, but hey, that's pretty much my life and no worse because of it.

P xx


  1. It has been cold wet and dreary here as well. Love the lights in the jar, what a wonderful idea. Hope you have a fantastic and fun crochet day - will look forward to reading all about it.

    1. You'll definitely hear about it! Just hoping the standard isn't so high I show myself up! But there's always cake to enjoy xx

  2. Oh I know that feeling of autumn, I actually thought I felt it at the washing line the other morning but I put it out of my head!! Here's to an Indian summer!!
    It's always crochet day in this house!! ;)

    1. And breathe..... Back to summer today! My crochet day was such a treat and soo enjoyable. Happy days xx

  3. Oh yes, that "day of change." When you can even just feel it.

    Actually, we had ours here. And then the heat/humidity returned. -sigh-

    It will be lovely though, when Autumn is truly with us!!! :-)

    I love everything about Autumn. Especially the shorter evenings, which bring a desire to nest. I do! I'm not one, who has to have loads of sunlight, for hours and hours. No, I don't do well with days and days of no-sun. But early evenings, do not depress me. :-) Happily.

    Gentle hugs,
    Luna Crone

    1. There's a real cosiness to autumn and often it's the smell and associations I love best. But it's a tad too soon just now. I can wait a while for it to be here properly! Xx