Thursday, 25 August 2016

The right words at the right time

But not from me.  I am that person who can say the wrong thing and not realise it for years after. Hey ho.  I do try to keep a rein on my tongue, but sometimes.....
Anyhow, the right words of the title are others' , not mine. One of the blogs I read had a piece about magazines - and just why is it so very hard to find magazines that I'm really attracted to these days? - and she mentioned Flow.  Regulars will know that this is one I do actually buy - even to the point of buying the Dutch version in Amsterdam - and keep for re-reading. Apart from the articles and inspiration, there's often some sort of paper love freebie. Like a daily card calendar with quotes etc on each card.  These two are very recent ones and I think they hit the spot just now.

The right words at the right time.

P xx


  1. -smile- I too, seem to be able to say the wrong thing, too often. But often know it, as soon as I say it. Which still doesn't help.

    Oh well, we can't "all be perfect," now can we? -grinnnn-

    Gentle hugs,
    Luna Crone

    1. No we can't! And how boring would it be if we were??!! xx