Friday, 18 November 2016

Daily Rituals

Or not, as it happens.  I seem to have lost the habit - of so many things - but as I've been laid up with the flu (what is it with me these days?!)  there has been plenty of time to think about lots of things. And listen to stuff too; I've found so many wonderful podcasts to listen to over the past ten days - on every subject from food to farming to creativity. Everyone creates in their own way, at their own pace and in their own preferred environment. But what most people have in common when they're happy with what they are doing is - the Daily Ritual.  Nothing weird or outlandish; more on the lines of always making fresh coffee at a certain time each day, going for a walk, listening to a piece of music or making breakfast early (or the night before) to kick start the day. Thinking back to when I've been happiest, most productive etc, I see that those small daily rituals are always a part of it. So, I got to thinking that now is the perfect time to start new habits and rituals - simply because I'm not having to replace any existing ones!

And it starts at the beginning of the day, with breakfast. Not the Full English or anything, more taking a pause with good tea or coffee, homemade bread for toast and the chance to sit and think about the day ahead. 
I really do feel better already.

and yes, this really is me painting the pages of an old book to create pages to be written on in a ....new book! But I love it so that makes it OK.

P xx

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