Sunday, 6 November 2016


Such an amazing emotion - terrifying and debilitating and often at the same time. I love taking photographs - flowers, what's happening in the workroom, found things, the garden. But. I'm not always happy taking photographs outside of those areas unless it's using my phone.  A whole other thing when on holiday, but that doesn't really count. No, what I'm on about is the ability to walk along the front street of where I live and snap away happily with an actual camera.  I often see things which I'd like to capture....but no,; I always seem to 'forget' my camera when next out walking.

And it's becoming a thing for me.  So, when I came across a blog which addresses this very problem - well, it seemed the right time to face it and get over myself.
Of course today, the first day, it's blowing a gale and the rain is coming down in horizontal sheets. Hey ho.  I can use the time to plan where I'm going to walk and which pictures I'm looking for.

Actually in the workroom, this is what has been happening - lots and lots of paperlove! From making books to stars to paper tape. And I love it all! After the paper tape it was an easy jump to making fabric tape - a brilliant way to use up some of those leftover pieces of gorgeous fabrics that tend to get lost in the scrap bag.  I have discovered a couple of things while doing this paperlove course - one, writing using a pen and paper is amazing for starting a thought process, and two, I really do have a very difficult relationship with liquid glue. Meh.

P xx

This is the link to the blog I was reading - Christina Greve


  1. I really like the idea of fabric tape, might need to give that ago!

    1. Oh it really is so easy - and so satisfying! Now to find ways to use it all .......xx