Monday, 21 November 2016

Socks and Hats

One of the many joys of doing an online course is the flexibility - doing the modules whenever you feel like it.  Both the photography and the paperlove courses have allowed me to follow them at any time of day or night and even in which order feels natural.  Both are pretty wonderful and both bring joy; the paper course means I can do more of the stuff I love and taking photographs seems to be a totally natural way forward now.  So much so I'm even looking at new cameras.....

Anyhow, in other news, the knitting continues.  Another piece of the learning jigsaw is continuing to produce items for a small boy.  When he looks back at photographs of himself as a baby he will definitely question the amount of hand knitted items.....

The lights are not only there for sparkle effects - but today is one of those decidedly grey days where all light is a pleasure!

P xx


  1. You have a real talent for displaying lovely things x