Wednesday, 14 December 2016


This Advent is feeling pretty good so far - helped by visits to Harrogate and Copenhagen, no doubt! There was also a significant birthday which ended up being....ok.  In fact better than ok, with family and friends and good food and presents.  Though mainly I think I'm enjoying it because it's here - and we're here to participate.  
The decorations this year seem different - same ones, but definitely used in a slightly different way.  Not lots and lots - we don't have small children anymore! - but more a few areas with greenery, candles, fairy lights and baubles.  My biggest outlay so far has been on a skimmia japonica and a Christmas rose.  Though foolishly I've totally forgotten to take a photo of them - they're decorating the front porch.

And let's not forget the sock knitting!  Which, obviously I nearly did. One is complete and the other is about to be started this afternoon.  I fully expect to be wearing them on my next pj day.

P xx


  1. I'm loving your advent photos Pam...so pretty!

    1. Thank you Vivienne! It has been such a good discipline to try to take one each day of Advent - makes me think about it more xxx

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