Friday, 2 December 2016

Camera issues part two

I'm still not using the camera outside as much as I'd like, and I realise from reading around that it's not just me! From what others are saying, the answer is usually in making it easy for yourself to do it. Which is why I'm researching camera bags with a vengeance. But I know exactly what I don't want in a camera bag - black, non-descript and screaming out to the world 'There's a camera in here!'
Joy oh joy, there's a whole world out there dedicated to such an issue.
Of course they're expensive and of course lots of them generate from either the US or mainland Europe, but when really looking at the price I can see the value is there too.  No need for a lovely handbag AND a camera bag - these ones do both jobs.
And breathe....just need to choose one now.

P xx

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