Sunday, 29 January 2017

Image borrowing

As someone who has taken photographs forever, but only recently decided to learn more about it, images online are on my mind to say the least!  I find myself analysing images but mainly just looking at them and thinking -isn't that lovely and how did they do it?? The work involved in taking a good image is often done well before actually pressing the button - the setting up, deciding on camera settings, backgrounds etc. So, it's started to be a bit of a thing for me when I see businesses using other's images without saying anything. Just saying.
Off to practice some more now.....

As you can see - so many shots of the same things but in reality I probably wouldn't use any of them - at least not without further work - editing.  All involving time. So I do understand that for a fledgling business it can be time consuming, and so much easier to just 'borrow' a perfectly good image from the net to illustrate your new products etc. But doesn't make it right.

P xx


  1. no you're correct Pam, its doesn't make it right!

    1. Have been very disappointed to see a local, newish business doing just this Vivienne and it goes against everything I thought they stood for! Just shows how wrong you can be I suppose. Xx