Sunday, 22 January 2017

Waking up to the sun

Sometimes grey light is fine; in fact it can be very therapeutic, giving a neutral quality to the day.  But sometimes it's just grey and needs colour to help it along. Which probably explains the purchase of things in colour lately. One of those buys was a ball of Debbie Bliss Eco Baby in a soft golden yellow/mustard.  At first it was going to be another little hat for a boy, but I think he probably has more than enough for this winter and the bigger size may take more than one ball so, wash cloths. 
Of course I've seen them around on pinterest and blogs but haven't actually made any, until now.  One - how easy and quick are they to knit?! Two - how soft are they to wash with?!

Having knit three I definitely wanted to post them straight to Instagram and because I like something blurry but beautiful in the background I picked out a rose from a bunch on the windowsill. It was a passing thought that these roses were lasting pretty well - nearly three weeks - and as I was faffing about, saw this:

It seems they've decided to grow - there are the beginnings of roots from each stem.  Love the will to live in plants!

As for the wash cloths?  Love them too and can see many more coming to join these three. Out now for a walk in this bright morning. Made me feel so different waking to the sun - a little like coming out of hibernation?

P xx


  1. I have quite a stash of hand knitted wash clothes - I love them and they are all I use to wash our dishes. They last and last and I am sure I have saved a lot over the years not having to buy supermarket cloths!

    Love the rose.

    1. Having used them this week I can see me knitting lots more! Xx

  2. rose always look good...even when they're fading.
    Love your washcloths, such a pretty colour.

    1. Unbelievably those roses are still growing Vivienne! And just so beautiful xx