Friday, 17 February 2017

Signs of it

Today was THAT day - when you walk outside into the garden, potter for a while and then realise - there's actual warmth in that sun! Whoo hoo!!!  Which is making me feel so much more positive - I always want to do stuff at this time of year and it can be very difficult when it's so very grey. There's a tendency to hibernation in this particular body which does not sit very well with the active mind.  Anyhoo, it feels like a start and that's enough for now.

Outside was good, but really, I'm still indoors knitting and taking photographs.  But there are plans for a walking club - a club of two, it has to be said, but even so - and it starts on Tuesday morning.  Fingers crossed for no rain.  That would be tough.

It seems I've almost finished another pair of socks - time for some new yarn shopping!

P xx


  1. It's lovely to see the sun, it does make you want to do things outside. I've been hibernating in this awful weather. Love the colours in the yarn x

    1. It does make such a difference to life! I'm loving sock knitting just now and that yarn is a favourite. Enjoy the sun while it lasts Aline xx