Friday, 24 February 2017

Turning up

Last year in the garden all was not great, and it started in the late winter/early spring.  There's a window of opportunity, maybe a week, sometimes two, when everything just needs sorting.  Detritus cleared away, clematis cut back, as many weeds as possible removed.  There's a little bit of self-deception going on - Oh, I've managed to get away with it this year! - but ultimately it shows when that early work hasn't been done. So, when everything started flowering in the spring proper, all seemed great.  But eventually it all looked like a weed paradise. To be honest, not a look I really want to cultivate. This year, I've made the effort; and once you're doing it there's no real effort anyway, just joy.  One whole long border has been done, someone has been booked to take away all the old garden furniture, plans have been imagined and drawn up, plants have been sorted.  This year WILL be very different.

And alongside all of the work - photographs of pretty much everything I'm afraid. 

Apart from the garden the spring is making me want to sew again; not too sure what right now, but I think I'll make a start by going through the fabric stash and seeing what patterns are hidden away.

The light is everything.

P xx


  1. I managed a little time in the garden this week too Pam, it does feel good to be outside!
    Unfortunately 'Doris' stopped play yesterday, thats the problem with February, outside one day , in the next!

    1. It's often the getting ready to go into the garden that's the hardest part Vivienne! But so lovely that there are at least chances to get out there now xx