Monday, 1 May 2017

Being outside

It matters.  Getting outside, breathing fresh air, working in the garden.  Whenever I spend time, regardless of the weather, just doing stuff, it always feels good. Hey ho, we all know that. But sometimes I forget about the rewards for that work.  Bless the camera.

The inside of a lily flowered tulip - just as exciting as the outside.

Tulips and wallflowers - slightly clashing, and all the better for it.

Erythronium - those curled back petals

and such graceful stems.

Ferns starting to unfurl - though to be honest, I'm not totally sure about ferns....

The pink petals and orange pollen - great to get up close.

My grandaughter insists this is a weed, but it's not possible is it?

Two tulips - Princess Irene - left over from previous Spring planting.

Bluebells in the sun.

Perfect start to May 2017.

And it's Chelsea this month too! I'll be going with a friend and a camera. Perfect combination.

P xx

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