Sunday, 11 June 2017

Planning is all.

From the garden to cooking to making - planning helps it all.
Like most people I love to be spontaneous, deciding at a moment's notice
to bake or change a border or make a bag, but when faced with having to go shopping first,
well I'm easily put off! But if I make sure there's a basic supply of baking ingredients already in - I can bake those biscuits!  All of which is to say - back to making the lists, doing the preparation work before its needed and clearing out all the unnecessary stuff that accumulates
around me.  Because when that stuff is taking up space it seems
I can't concentrate.  If I don't make sure fresh lemons and ginger are
on the shopping list then I'll drink so much more coffee than I should. 
And when plants are finished then they have to be sorted as soon as the weather 
allows - otherwise the job becomes huge rather than a ten minute one.

Am I getting right all of the time?
Oh no! Not by any stretch of the imagination.
But at least I'm trying.

The garden today:

P xx


  1. Loving your garden Pam, all is looking good.

    1. Thank you Lolly - like you, I love taking photos in the garden - especially good to look back on in the cold dark days of winter!!!! xxx