Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Slow Stitching

There has been very little happening on the making front if I'm truly honest; even though
there's more time, there seems to be less inclination.  So, after clearing lots of yarn, papers and general 'stuff' from the sewing room, along with a fortuitous conversation, I'm starting a 
little embroidery.  And I love it! It's so gentle, and not heavy to hold or awkward in my hands.
A joy in fact. So, many embroidery books later, I settled on a Scandinavian one:

Because it's just for practice, I used an off-cut of curtain lining, which meant there was absolutely no pressure.

It's therapeutic in all the right ways - leaving time for thought as well as making.

And now I just want to make lots more - where's a spare pillow case?

P xx

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